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Our Freedom Cancer Bill to be introduced in 2017.

See below how you can help us pass this bill when the number is available.

Read this candid letter/blog from an oncologist and Medical Director of California Cancer Care.  It is posted on Life Extensions Website.

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Watch video explaining our goal to introduce a Freedom Cancer Bill in California.

Our Freedom Cancer Bill

Our goal in the 2015-2017 legislative cycle is to pass this Cancer Freedom Bill. This groundbreaking legislation will provide California cancer patients with access to the best in natural and non-toxic cancer therapies, while protecting the public and the physicians who provide care.

California law currently restricts the use of unconventional remedy in the diagnosis, treatment, alleviation, or cure of cancer.  In fact, California is the only state to statutorily restrict cancer therapy exclusively to conventional drugs, surgery, and radiation.  See copy of the fact sheet for our bill.

Note that our bill has been rewritten, changes might be made to it as it moves through the different committees.


You can help us pass this bill by sending a simply letter to your local Senator and Assembly Member.  We need to deluge them with letters and let them know that their constituents want freedom of choice for their cancer treatment.

Click on find your representative and enter your address. By clicking on the two names of legislatures that will appear you will be taken to their individual web sites where you look for a “Contact Me” button and fill out their form.  Just say “Please support Cancer Freedom Bill that will be heard in the year 2017.”  Add any personal experiences or positive thoughts if you wish as to why we should have this bill passed.

For overview of our bill click here.

Be sure to look at our long list of recommended books on cancer.

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